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Outdoor Activities

Zip line & Tree Trekking Park

Discover Your Inner Monkey!

At the Valley of the Mother of God, we offer a fully equipped zip line and tree trekking course, that runs through the beautiful forest of Hockley Valley Hills, and it is suitable for children and adults alike!

Our aerial course is set up like an obstacle course except it dwells on high, in the air, between trees! To successfully complete the course you will need to climb ladders; cross suspension bridges; walk on cables; swing between logs; and of course ride our famous zip line!

Ready, Set, Climb…
After putting on your harness and helmet at the Activity Center, you will start by attending a mandatory orientation session under the start of the big zip line. Following the session, your adventure starts by climbing up the 35-foot ladder, and then you will slide down the 200 foot long zip line. Next you will challenge your way through five game courses that increase in difficulty until you finally reach the end ladder, where you will climb down, and your feet will be on solid ground once more! 

Climbing Rules

  • A climber must be at least 9 years old and 55” tall. We also have a weight maximum of 250lb;
  • Prior to climbing, all of our guests must fill out a waiver form and climbers under the age of 18 require adult consent;
  • Every climber needs to be wearing closed-toed shoes (i.e. running or hiking shoes) or you will NOT be allowed to climb (i.e. Flip flops and sandals are NOT permitted). Long hair must be tied back for safety reasons;
  • We climb rain or shine; however if there is any thunder or lightning, we DO NOT climb and we follow the procedures we have in place for these situations.

**Please note, a minimum number of twenty participants are required to use the Zip Line and Tree Trekking course, please check the rates and arrange with the Guest Coordinator in advance arrange for participation this activity. Also, please allow at least two hours in your program for a group of twenty participants to complete this activity.


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